Grinding & Biomass Recycling

Xtreem Grinding Services (XGS) is our green waste recycling operation and was established for recycling, disaster relief services, and the alternative energy initiative, supporting the national effort to develop green business solutions for alternative energy resources. Our green waste recycling operation, The Reynolds Park Recycling Facility, is a Florida Department of Environmental Protection registered yard waste recycling facility in Clay County, Florida. Our experience in wood waste recycling, land clearing and vegetative management, combined with our specialized equipment, allows us to maximize the value of wood waste and other organic resources, and to produce boiler fuels and recycled finished products for use by homeowners, businesses, and government.

Disaster Relief Services

XGS has the special equipment necessary to support federal, state and local governments and private companies when a wind, water or fire disaster strikes a region. From establishing firebreaks and fighting wildfires, to reducing, removing, or hauling debris to a recycling or waste reduction facility, XGS is there to help.

Farmland & Forested Land Restoration

XGS with the use of our 700 horse power Ironwolf Slasher and 500 HP mulchers has converted harvested timber lands into useable agricultural land for planting new crops and has also re-established native grasses back on forested lands for mitigation and restoration sites.

Biomass & Green Waste Grinding

XGS has its own recycling facility for green waste, but we also contract with landfill operators and site contractors to reduce and convert green waste into land fill or site cover. We produce our own boiler fuels, mulches, soils and compost to supply our own projects or as a supplier to others. Our high speed mulchers and grinders are used for a variety of land use practices, from exotic vegetation removal projects to fuel reduction and timber thinning projects. We can also grind asphalt and concrete on site to produce road base materials.

Grinding Equipment

XGS owns three portable track-mounted wood and rock grinders, which includes a 700 HP Ironwolf Slasher (one of only 4 in the US), and a 5410 & 6710 Peterson Pacific Horizontal Grinders.