Forestry & Vegetation Management Services


Xtreem Environmental Solutions provides forestry and vegetation services to an array of governmental, energy sector, and private industries.

Wildfire & Vegetation Management Services

XES provides forestry services to private and commercial land managers along with Government Agencies, utilizing our specialized equipment as a mechanical solution for the reduction or removal of hazardous fuels on wildfire land management projects. These same tools are also used for habitat restoration projects as a mechanical alternative for exotic or invasive species removal on any vegetation management project.

Specialized Forestry Equipment

XES has self-leveling timber harvesting and mulching machines for steep slopes, 100 HP to 1000 HP mulchers and grinders, 450 HP to 1050 HP self-propelled stump grinders, horizontal grinders and tub grinders along with 300 HP 8 wheel drive forwarders and mulchers.