Environmental Compliance

Xtreem Environmental Solutions strives to provide expert environmental compliance management to ensure that our clients construction projects adhere to regulatory requirements while meeting project deadlines and budgetary constraints. From full time on site environmental inspection and compliance management programs to third-party construction monitoring and as-required site inspections, XES’ compliance services will successfully assist your company in meeting its project compliance goals.

Environmental Inspection

XES provides environmental compliance inspection for industrial construction projects to assist our clients in avoiding violations of environmental permits and regulations. Over the years, we have provided environmental inspection services for thousands of miles of interstate pipeline right-of-way and numerous associated facilities. During that time, we have continuously built upon our solid foundation that combined the science of ecology with and understanding of the principles of heavy construction. The result is that we know what works when it comes to environmental compliance, and better yet, we know how to accomplish these goals under a wide variety of budgetary constraints.
Our experienced inspection and project management staff have conducted environmental compliance inspections in a number of different states, and are intimately familiar with federal, state, local, and tribal environmental regulations. From section 404 of the Clean Water Act to NEPA and even Hillman Township’s Erosion Control Codes, we’ve seen it all.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Environmental Compliance

Numerous energy sector projects require compliance with FERC environmental regulations and reporting protocols. XES assists our clients in navigating the complexities of that process from the pre-construction phase until final restoration and subsequent revegetation monitoring.

Environmental Compliance Training

XES assists contractors in meeting project specific environmental concerns, and energy company standards by supplying an integrated training program for all construction personnel. We will adapt the program to meet project specific regulatory concerns or terrain issues, and we utilize a wide variety of media to accomplish this task.