Sunset PhotoCompany Overview

Xtreem Environmental Solutions (XES) is a multi-faceted environmental and natural resource based consulting and construction company that provides experienced and professional caliber solutions for the energy sector, government, and private sector clients. Our experience was gained over 30 years from a wide array of pipeline, utility corridor, forestry, highway, land management, golf courses, waste recycling, office parks, and residential developments. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions by applying proven advanced technology with creative experienced management.

We are unique in our service offerings because we provide both environmental consulting and natural resource based contracting services. Our environmental compliance field division has provided energy sector clients with expert compliance management over thousands of miles of pipeline and facility installation projects. Our contracting division has specialized forestry equipment, several designed in-house, and can meet a wide range of vegetative management requirements. Our heavy equipment and experience combined can be used  to conduct a wide variety of upland, riparian, and wetland restoration projects.

The interplay between these two divisions is seamless. We provide top-notch construction contracting services with an excellent understanding of environmental compliance, and environmental compliance professionals that are knowledgeable in construction methodologies. We have also expanded into the alternative energy sector, by providing logistics support and transportation design for wind energy clients. Most recently we have implemented an educational program that enables us to provide training and certification to the next generation of environmental, natural resource management, and construction professionals.