Transportation & Logistics

Xtreem Transport targets both the transportation and energy business sectors to add logistical support services offered from within the Xtreem Companies. XT offers specialized heavy hauling services within our group and outside the Xtreem Companies as a “for hire” contractor to the energy and transportation industries. Currently, we are contracted with GE Energy and Mitsubishi Power Systems as their logistics partner to transport wind energy components throughout the United States, in our nation’s effort to develop alternative energy resources.

Wind Energy Transport Services

XT is currently transporting wind generator components for the wind energy initiative with the use of our specialized trucks and trailers designed specifically for the wind energy business.

Military Transport Services

XT’s 55 ton to 85 ton low boys along with our own escort vehicles equipped with on board communications, have hauled and are ready to haul today’s high tech military weapons throughout the US.

Specialized Heavy Equipment Transport Services

XT’s truck and trailer configurations operate from 6 axles to 19 axles making us capable of hauling most oversized equipment throughout the US. Our on board computers along with our drivers abilities to load, rig, drive and manage permits in the truck, make us very efficient with our logistics.

Mulch and Timber Mat Transport Services

XT has specially built self loading timber mat trailers along with live floor trailers and B-trains for the hauling dragline timber mats, landscape mulch, boiler fuels, and wood chips with loads up to 160,000 lbs.